Run Home

by The Happy Alright

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released February 9, 2018

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Written and performed by The Happy Alright

Produced, mixed, and engineered by Seth Henderson at Always Be Genius Studios in Crown Point, Indiana
Mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Mastering

Album art photography by Kelia Anne
Album art hand lettering by Corey Purvis


all rights reserved



The Happy Alright Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Mind Reader
Paint me in the background so you know you'll never be alone
I would drive my car the whole night just to reach the foreground of your home
It's far too late to be up right now
We've got so much in common, follow me down
You were never one to compromise
Tell me are you satisfied?

Yeah, bury yourself in everything you believe to be true
I'm not as brave as I oughta, be but I've got you

I know exactly what you're thinking

You're scared you're gonna die in this city like me
It's just too fucking easy
We've only got so much time
Don't you hate being on the losing side?

Yeah bury yourself in everything you believe to be true
I'm not as brave as I oughta be but I've got you
Yeah go running right back to place where you're from,
the place where you're from
When all is said and done
Track Name: Run Home
Try not to waste anything
We are chemicals, headlights on a highway sign
We trip over words and choke on goodbyes
I'm rooting for the nightmare,
Begging to be alone at night

I hope our molecules collide
Ignore the second hand
It counts down our meaningless lives

Can you try a little harder?
I was not meant for this portrait
Now I'm hanging from the frame
So run home If I can't give you the best of me

Did I miss my line?
Can I phone a friend?
Maybe this time, I'll get it right

If it breaks my wrists,
I would hold the world for you if it's too heavy
I would lay here the whole damn day if you let me
Would you let me?

You're sick of the silence in your room
If it was something I could do
I would stop everything for you and be everything for you
Track Name: Loathe Letter
This is a loathe letter to myself
I wrote it on a torn out page
From a book that doesn't go on the shelf
The ink stains
I'm tired, alone, and afraid

You know I’m gonna push you away
Despite how you treat me
Maybe I'll find comfort where I stay
I think I'm in loathe with you today

When you reflect on your life you realize that it never meant anything

Erase me from all of history
Like the glass on the streets you're leaving
Like every little thing you love about the city
Tell me what you're thinking
I'll break your heart with a pen in a moment
If you go and let it break wide open

You're waving to me from an island
I will swim until I find it
I've laid on the bathroom floor enough times that I don't really mind it

Speak to me, speak to me slowly
Suddenly I see the oxygen leave
We are so young and lonely

I wish I could erase the day the color drained from your face
So unsatisfied, I became the person I am tonight
Track Name: Sweet Tea, Bitter Me
Here I go again
Laying on the floor
Fuck this conversation
I just end up staring at the door
With my hair long, like it's some kind of statement
And your shoes off, you run home on the pavement

We'd like to think that this is all a big coincidence
Your home is growing old you'd leave it in an instant
If we're all numbers, man, just put me down as too indifferent
I'd like to show you just how little I care

Would you believe me
That nothing's meant to be?
How does it feel
Knowing everybody's empty?
We'd like to think that this is all a big coincidence
But I don't care
No I don't care

Here you go again
Drinking all alone
Is this the night you thought you wanted
Are you ready to go?
Wake up at home, eat your plastic, watch your television
Pray you'll see your face and hope like hell there’s someone out there listening
Track Name: Spin
Tell me are you satisfied?
Can you accept your role?
I'm watching re-runs where we all die
Open wide, swallow me whole

Spin like you're walking away
Spin like records shining light on your face
God damn ain't it funny how you never changed?

Put your faith in what you cannot prove
Lose yourself in what you can't undo

I don't believe in anything but you're heaven sent
No matter where I am I'm irrelevant
I know it doesn't make sense
Blink and you might miss it

In the end will you smile and stare
At the canvas that once lay bare?
Did you brush over every tear?
Did you paint yourself out of this nightmare?

We're all here
Nobody's going anywhere
You can paint yourself out of this nightmare

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